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 Towline Conveyor

Towline Conveyor Systems

Towline Conveyor Systems operate using in-floor chains to pull carts, dollies, trucks, or mobile racks along a predetermined route. Using switches that move the guided load to a sub path or alternate route can change the path. Vehicles can be engaged or disengaged at any time by manual or automatic means.
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Towline conveyor   Towline Conveyor
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Towline Conveyor Systems - FATA Automation is a worldwide leader in the engineering, manufacturing and supply of towline conveyor systems. Key applications include automotive assembly plants, manufacturing facilities and distribution facilities.

FATA Automation’s towline conveyor systems are made up of chain systems passing through an infloor mounted track. Vehicles, carts, dollies, trucks or mobile racks are transported by the towline conveyor by engaging the vehicle to the driven chain with a pin or a form of dog to engage the moving chain. Towline conver systems can be a simple route or loop or cab be made sophisticated using switches and transfers to be able to route vehicles on different routes.

Towline conveyors can transport very heavy loads effectively and are are low cost investment when compared with alternative systems such as AGV's of man driven lift trucks. Systems are easy to operate and maintenance is simple.

Our engineers have assisted our customers in engineering, efficient, flexible systems. A highly experienced project management team has successfully delivered, installed and started up many world class manufacturing facilities for our customers.



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